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“Every recruitment decision is an investment decision, it has a cost, a level of risk, and if it works, great reward” 

Ronald Cohen

Our search and recruitment process

Over 20 years of experience recruiting IT sales professionals has allowed us to build our proprietary recruitment process.


Stage 1 – Building a Success Profile
Our first task is to help our clients develop a success profile for the particular role they are recruiting for, ensuring they are clear in their own mind about the skills, traits, qualities, character and attitudes of their ideal candidates.

Stage 2 – The Search
We write clever, appealing adverts in order to attract high quality candidates and publish them in the appropriate media.

We approach our immediate network and our current database for interested candidates and recommendations.

We agree with you a list of organisations where your ideal candidates would have worked. We then use our advanced search techniques, combined with leading edge technology to produce an exhaustive list of potential candidates whom we then make contact with.

Stage 3 – The Interview
It goes without saying that any potential candidate needs to possess the relevant skills. Our recruitment process contains over 100 specially designed questions to draw out skills such as leadership, accountability and business acumen, all of which are possessed by top performers.

Assessing traits or emotional intelligence can be more difficult. Many organisations use psychometric tests devised by occupational psychologists, however there are many aspects of emotional intelligence these tests are unable to measure. For example, they can’t really measure enthusiasm, efficaciousness or optimism, all traits demonstrated in top performers. Through our recruitment process we will uncover areas such as commitment and critical thinking, self esteem, purpose, key influencers of the individual, and why this is important to the way they are managed.

Stage 4 –The results
We present you with a targeted short-list of interested, fully briefed, high-calibre candidates.


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